After an employee was killed by cowid,   the union leader took on the cost of the day © After covid 19 killed an employee in New York, R ó Les filed a lawsuit against Amazon, accusing that the company had not taken sufficient measures to protect its employees from the disease, and the employee has protested.   the identity of the deceased has not been disclosed, He works for a company in Staten Island, New York, where some workers reported as early as MarchAccording to reports, health is very dangerous.   "yesterday, a worker in Staten Island, Amazon, died on the 19th due to cowide, which should be a wake-up call for the technology giant. "Many workers still believe that Amazon is not doing enough to protect them and their communities in this terrible epidemic," Christy Hoffman, union secretary general of the United Nations Global Union, said in a statementIf they are willing to strike at work risk because they are in danger, management must listen to their concerns. " " unfortunately, they do not reward warehouse staff for their hard work, which is often dangerous work. " " © N. Amazon has sacked those who asked the company to take its health seriously and comply with the agreements made to ensure the safety of all of us, "he condemned.   the technology giant was accused of sacking several employees since the establishment of INIC.As one of the most famous Chris smalls, he lost his job after organizing a strike in the warehouse © In a joint statement, some Union and community leaders denounced the death of an Amazon employee in New York as a "predictable result" of Jeff Bezos's "reckless" attempt to "profit from the epidemic at all costs."   the deathYou, the first to know, are in big stores © Amazon, New York, asked the authorities to take action, as the head of iBT Joint Council 16 and the community organization New York community for change, make way and alliance argued in a note.   the company will not take action to protect us. "It's time for the government to listen to workers' demands and take action," they stressedAmazon Web services (AWS), Tim Bray, He announced his resignation, refusing to fire employees who publicly criticized the company recently.   since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Amazon's business has grown unprecedentedly, and governments around the world have issued restrictions and social isolation orders, This forced physical stores to close and eliminated most of the competition from digital platforms.   in the United States only, EMPSeattle's RESA has recruited 100000 new employees in recent weeks to cope with growing demand and announced an additional 75000.

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