More than a month ago © Amazon, the e-commerce giant, failed to meet investors' expectations on Thursday © According to reports, the company's quarterly profit fell for the first time in two years.   the company, founded by Jeff Bezos, announced that its profitFrom July to September in 2019, the figure was $2.13 billion, compared with $2.883 billion in the same period in 2018.   this means that the profit decreased by 26%, reflected in the decrease of per share profit from $5.75 to $4.23 in the previous quarter, This has not yet reached the $4.59 predicted by experts. < / BR >  therefore, investors are obviously dissatisfied with these figures © Wals closedOn L street, half an hour later, the stock fell nearly 9% © The market, as analysts say, expects Amazon's profits to fall, but not so significantly, because it has to invest heavily in changes in its transportation structure, By developing your own services, rather than engaging an independent company to provide services.   in addition, you are accelerating the delivery of services and servicesTheir main services range from two-day delivery to one-day delivery, and they are also preparing for the peak consumption season between Thanksgiving and Christmas at the end of November.   we are stepping up our efforts to make our 25 © "No holiday is the best for our major customers," Bezos said in a statement to the press.   the company's founder and chief executive tried to highlight ASPThe positive impact of the new transport infrastructure, coupled with faster delivery, has led to reduced greenhouse gas emissions as distribution points are closer to homes.   however, in September 2019, Amazon announced that it made $8.32 billion, 18, Compared with the same period last year, it increased by 1%, and the sales reached US $193086 billion, a year-on-year increase of 20%.   "customers purchase more frequently and have stronger purchasing power."Rando m ú s products," Brian olavsky, Amazon's chief financial officer, explained in a phone call to reporters.   in the third quarter of this year's results, Amazon included its "golden day" sales, which the company later described as the largest shopping event ever, More than 175 million items were sold in 48 hours, surpassing Black Friday and Cyber MondayAmazon's revenue this year is expected to be between 80 billion and 86.5 billion US dollars, which is significantly lower than the 87.4 billion US dollars predicted by experts, indicating that the shipping season will be disappointing.   in addition, Amazon's cloud service data in the last quarter, Amazon's Web services (AWS) did not reach the $9.1 billion predicted by experts, but stayed at about $9 billion.   in the past four years, AWS has been a leading service providerAmazon is the source of most of its business revenue, so slower growth may lead to lower profits in the future.

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