These degrees are not official. I doubt whether they value them. They will remember that you have a degree or career plan, because this is where they give you the methodological basis.   note: This is asking for your opinion on the course. They will remember that you have a degree or career plan, because that's where they give you the methodological foundation. Then, no matter what your taste is, no matter where you want to guide your career, it's impossible to use one language.Although I've said before, if you want to continue with this kind of course (for specific programming languages), I suggest you spend money on formal certification. These courses will indeed provide you with additional job opportunities.   I check the quotations of the two programming languages in your city and their payment methods on infojobs.   note: This is to seek your opinions on the courses. I hope this line doesn't go off track and it doesn't start another war.A language is better than another language.   thank you for your reply.   I can't find a "cheap" official degree. 2000 euro and 1500 euro are too expensive for me to buy.   in the course I told you after I finished, I will be working in the company for six months. I don't know your opinion. The course actually costs 1500 euros, and it only costs 900 euros. Is the degree really that bad?   please help, thank youLet them know how to answer this question, because so far, only two users have responded positively and negatively to my course.   answer: java course or C [view]   I'm not saying that this course itself is wrong, just because there are so many as courses, only Microsoft and Oracle officials pay attention to it, Because people who pass the examination have a minimum "quality standard", because they are not only exposed to the basic knowledge of language, but also often exposed to the basic knowledge of language.As for java certification, I don't know whether it can also be provided free of charge, and I don't know the price.   my suggestion is, first of all, look at the language you are interested in. If you want to take these courses, go ahead. It's your money, your decision and your career. But I repeat my point: if you can manage to get the official certificate, you will not regret it

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