They discussed emerging technologies   artificial intelligence, the central theme of a forum   Mexico City. IPad business school, MIT Technology Review and opinno held in Mexico City © SIKO, EMTECH digital LATAM 2019, a multi industry leader gathered to discuss emerging and disruptive technologies.   at the second conference in the country, the focus was on the impact of artificial intelligenceIn the industry of the region, and how to change the work and production dynamics of enterprises.   refers to © be in love with each other © Rica Latina, MIT, stressed that organizations in the region are very keen to adopt AI to optimize and improve their processes.   nevertheless, according to a report published in the Journal of MIT, Considering cars, manufacturing, saltYou, financial services, government and communications, 69% of business leaders still underestimate the importance and value of data and analysis.   whether you know the scope or not, To be sure, artificial intelligence has been positioned as an emerging technology, bringing productivity and profits to many companies in the world.   it is so important that, according to PwC, an international consulting firm, global GDP will grow by 14%In 2030, due to the implementation of this technology, this means an additional revenue of 15.7 billion US dollars, of which 42% will directly correspond to the improvement of productivity.   during the two days of the conference, international experts, Among representatives from AWS and Facebook, they discussed the birth, status quo, ways to redefine traditional processes, and the future of artificial intelligenceDifferent industries and discussions © Although the main goal of EMTECH digital LATAM 2019 is to provide professional information to industry leaders and transform their organizations in a more digital and data supported mode; Another goal is to pass © Through these conversations, you will learn the concept of a changing world, thanks to disruptive technologies like artificial intelligenceOne of the reasons why these activities are important is to make people understand ©  It's a technology that you don't have to worry about what you don't know. In an interview with Gideon Lichfield, editor in chief of MIT's technology review, he said: "this is to show them that artificial intelligence has applications in almost all fields."   experts added that it is important to spread this innovation from different perspectives, not just from the side.you © Cnico.   experts said: "while learning how to program over time has become crucial, understanding how the tools we use today work can lead us into future discussions and decisions."   on the other hand, beena amanath, "You need to learn the basic concepts of technology, because whether you're using it or not, it's in your hands, andIt's in your pocket. It's not that you need to learn how to program on devices, but that you have to know how they work, because if you don't, you won't be able to get involved in privacy issues © Its use or government intervention. I think it's very important for everyone to have access to this information. "  finally, EMTECH organizers stressed that learning is one of the key points of the activity, becauseThe aim is to share knowledge with industry leaders so that they can spread knowledge to nearby communities, not only for work, but also for work © I want people to be curious about learning. Let the participants come back and share what they've learned with their work team and family, because we're more connected now than ever. The next generation will grow up in such a world"Artificial lighting will be more common and you have to learn to walk beside it," the expert concluded.

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