The 30 million euro investment represents Tencent's minority equity investment, enabling the French studio to be completely independent. But with the help of this investment, dontnod has just increased its capital by 50 million euros through a successful private equity investment. If he always works with different peopleUrs (square Enix for life is strange, Xbox game studios for tell me why, or focus on a game that hasn't been announced yet), dontnod's purpose of using this fund is to more and more turn to automatic release, just as it uses double mirrors in part.   in fact, Tencent has 1, 8 million shares, 16.61% of the voting rights. The studio's largest shareholder remains kostadin yanev, who owns 2.4 million shares andVote. Driven by Tencent's announcement as an investor and 50 million euros in financing, Paris studio's share price rose nearly 12% to 18.75 euros in the pan European growth market this morning, "We are happy to welcome Tencent as an investor in dontnod. It's a trusted brand from an online game leader who has accompanied a lot of peopleWith this partnership, dontnod is fully capable of capturing many growth points of the video game industry, Especially working with industry leaders on China and mobile platforms. The substantive activities announced today will help to accelerate and strengthen the implementation of our development plan, which aims to capture more opportunitiesOskar Guilbert, chief executive of dontnod, commented: "the value we initially created came from publishing more games ourselves."   Tencent has become a major shareholder (40%) of riot games, supercell, griding gear games, sharkmob, Miniclip, Funcom, Leyou and Klei entertainment, Fatshark(36%)、Dontnod(22%)、Marvelous(20%)、Krafton(16%)、Sumo Digital(10%)、Frontier(9%)、Ubisoft(5%)、Paradox Interactive(5%)、Activision Blizzard(5%)、Platinumgames(undisclosed), Yager (undisclosed), 10 chambers (undisclosed) and voodoo (undisclosed) are just a few examples of major companies.   earlier this week, Tencent became a major shareholder in Klei entertainment and has now started investing in another independent studio, The 30 million euro investment represents a minority stake in Tencent, enabling French studios toCompletely independent. But with this investment, dontnod has just increased its capital by 50 million euros through a successful private equity investment. If it's still working with different publishers (square Enix for life is strange, Xbox game studio tells me why, or focus on a game that hasn't been announced yet),   anyway, with the content competition of Microsoft, Google, apple and Sony, there are good opportunities.Can't go to big company (famous AAA) blockbuster, just like in the middle end game field, AA has a huge growth. Players need it. Games like Vampyr are profitable and can be sold in units on blinds for many years, or priced in game pass type subscriptions. The problem is, don Nord has to share 50% of the recipes with focus. They want to support themselves more and more, this is ChenGeneral Electric! They have a development office in Montreal, which is also very exciting. Quebec has become a bit of a mecca for French speaking countries to develop video games (I think there are a lot of French expatriates).   I also express myself as a player and a shareholder of dontnod.   in fact, the intellectual property of Vampyr belongs to focus home interactive. Dontnod only recovered 50% of its revenue.   another French publisher followedWho wants to specialize in mid end games is a subsidiary of bacon interactive, which is responsible for publishing games and selling game accessories. It has been listed and is currently worth more than 600 million euros (more than the parent company). Yesterday, they reached an agreement to become the editor of Lord of the rings.   with nacon, dontnod, focus and the last flight simulator studio I forgot and others, we finallyA real French ecosystem in Ubisoft deciduous teeth next to the video game. Unfortunately, Ubisoft doesn't end up employing too many people in its own country (I think it's 10 / 15%)   funding the games you want   This allows you to buy cheaper games if you find themUseful promo.

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